Hip Hop Women FashionHip hop culture will be the product of African-

Hip Hop Women Fashion Hip hop culture will be the product of African-Americans incorporating a distinct taste of break-dance, music, graffiti art, beatbox and fashion. In a world that admits for the information on a thin line that undervalues females and more so, black women, rap became their salvation. It has become their self expression, a face they wear with dominating and contagious vibrancy. What has probably been one of the most catching with reggae one of many women is the fashion. Aside from the upbeat grooves of the dance, the soul stirring feel with their music, the passion of these graffiti writing and what more there is certainly for the signature homie, the fashion is exactly what really made them distinct. Oversized clothes, baggie jeans, bulky sneakers and flashy urban accessories may be appropriate for men to put on. But these women fashion accessories may be embraced due to the unique look and hot and sexy appearance it brings. Hip hop women clothing accessories are identified having a slick, relaxed manly style. The key to this particular women fashion accessory is not only the funky trainers or trucker caps nor on the hoodies or polo shirts that make them look masculine. It is always the attitude of wearing it. The urban accessories could only imitate a tricky and rugged look though the feel of reggae is when girls bring that impression. Fashion for ladies is definitely restricted to the prim and proper, the slim cuts, the somehow reserved, the cute, petite and even ranges towards the complex, luxurious and extravagant. What reggae women finishing touches brought would have been a new approach to present and express the manly them. It generally defies the regular gentle and sophisticated nature of women clothing accessories and introduced a more nonchalant parade. Urban accessories in addition have changed to fit the harder sturdy appearance of women. What is probably one of the most loved by hiphop women clothing accessories are fitted caps which differ from the standard designs in baseball. It has no elastic or Velcro. They were meant to fit all sizes. Fashion also necessitates the right footwear which with this trend are sneakers with bright colors and intricate details. Old school foot gear is additionally preferable having its simple pattern and a type of grubby look. Bling-bling are very within women fashion accessories. The flashy earrings ornament the top in addition to proud hairdo or even a necessary hairpiece. Oversized pendants and elaborate jewelry and a must with women clothing accessories. Loosely fit large-faced watches are and a popular choice along with the big sunglasses which may have really caught on for a long period now. Hip hop women fashion accessories are the pure impression of the African American culture. It may be the shadow from the desiring impartiality. It does not hide underneath the guise of strength but reveals beauty through the sturdy attitude of the one putting it on. The fashion together with the music, the dance and also the art truly from the reggae women.

Hip Hop Women Fashion Hip hop culture will be the product of African-

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